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We serve Kirklees, South Leeds & West Wakefield.

                                                                      We rescue and re-home abandoned cats

    Rescuing ,Nurturing and Re-homing Cats 

We help cats in danger, injured and abandoned cats and kittens who have no-one to care for them.  We neuter and vaccinate as appropriate ready for them to go to their new homes.
Anyone wishing to re-home one of our cats or kittens should fill in our online Pre-adoption form or visit our cats and kittens page

If you do not hear from us within 7 days please contact us or fill in another form for some reason we don’t always receive them


We are a non-profit rescue so we rely on donations and fundraising activities to raise funds towards our vet bills, food and general care for these cats and kittens.


Check out our Auction Group  for just about anything and our Sale Rail for clothing on Facebook.
We also have regular Picture board and raffles.

We accept donations of clothing and brick a brack to sell on our sites to raise funds


We are always available to give advice were only a phone call away

Our founders, John and Anne Fairless started the rescue in 2013 when they took in a pregnant cat, who, along with her brother, who was most likely the father of the unborn kittens, were dumped in the middle of a field, in a crate with no food or water on a hot afternoon.

John and Anne retired in June 2017.

The Rescue is now managed by a team of dedicated volunteers.



We trap and neuter Feral Cats.

Ferals were born wild and therefore have a fear and mistrust of humans.
They do a fantastic job of keeping the local rodent population under control but they need neutering so that their colonies do not become overpopulated.
We trap and neuter ferals on both industrial and domestic premises.
You can read about this on our Ferals Page