My name is Carl and I need a home 🏡 🙏 🐾

Gender: Male

DOB: 7-8 years

Colour: Black and White

Likes being brushed and stroked!!!

Dislikes being picked up too often due to pain in hi joints (but will allow you to pick him up if needed without lashing out)

HISTORY and HEALTH ISSUES: Carl was taken to the vet by a concerned member of the public that had seen him laid in a bush in the same position for nearly a week and knew something was wrong. The vets discovered that Carl has degenerative arthritis which is why he was laid in the same spot for the whole week. He was immediately put on Metacam and will need a low dose of Metacam everyday for the rest of his life to alleviate the pain in his joints. He also has muscle wastage in his back legs from lack of movement so will need to build up his leg muscles. Carls coat is not great, he is filthy from dragging his back end around and not being able to clean himself properly. He will need regular bushing from his forever person to help him remove dead fur and prevent matting.

Character: Carl is NOT a very active cat. He spends his days laying around testing out different soft surfaces and begging for food. He absolutely loves being brushed and stroked and he can be quite demanding when he wants his cuddles. He is a super friendly guy and wants someone who can give him the love and attention he has been lacking. He is very food motivated and is really enjoying having food on demand which was a rarity in his previous life as a stray. When he first came into rescue he would make himself sick with the amount of food he would gobble up, luckily he has calmed down since he has started free feeding (a large bowl of biscuits is always available so he can eat whenever he wants to, he now knows that food is always available to him so he doesn’t eat as much). Don’t be fooled by his unkept appearance, he is not as old as he looks , and we have been assured that his stained coat will eventually shed and he will have a lovely white coat again (in about 6 months or so).

Can I live with other cats? NO
Can I live with other dogs? NO
Can I live with children? YES (older respectful kids)
Suitable for indoor only? YES

Adoption fee £80