Nobel Lords and Ladies you are in the presence of DAENERYS Strayborn of the House Flanshaw, First of Her Name, the Unscabby, Queen of the Andals and the First Cats, Khaleesi of the Great Estate Flanshaw, Cleaner of Bums, and Mother of Kittens 😹 (hopefully she’ll have a better ending than her namesake). I was in a bad way when I came in to rescue. Scabby and unkept. However my foster mummy has made sure I am peachy now!

I’m super friendly and absolutely love people and kids. I’m not too used to other cats and dogs though as I’ve had kittens to look after and I’m super protective because I’m a fab mummy! If you have food I’ll be your best friend for life!!! I absolutely love to be brushed and stroked but I’m not too keen on being picked up (you can’t blame me for that though as I have had to have a hysterectomy because I had trouble giving birth to my final kitten). I just want someone to love me and if you could also adopt my little baby Dario I’d love that too!!! (He’s the last one left 😭) My adoption fee is £60 and this includes

*up to date flea and worming treatment

I am gorgeous girlie who just needs a warm bed to sleep on ❤️🐾