We are very grateful to our fosterers for caring for our cats and kittens. Without you, we would not exist!


Fosterers have their own forum group on FB, where they can share experiences, problems and solutions. We will also notify you on this group if we have cats or kittens who will be leaving quarantine and coming up for fostering. they also will have access to an emergency chat line for any problems which may arise.

Cats and kittens can only be taken into Heronbank Rescue on the authorisation of the Committee.  Where appropriate they will also have been vaccinated and neutered.  If a fosterer suspects that a cat or kitten needs to see a vet, this must be referred to Lindsay Smith for assessment. Heronbank must authorise all treatment before cats/kittens are taken to the vet. 

Quackers, the calmest most beautiful cat I think I've fostered. All she wants is love. Her purr is out of this world. She is great with the kids too. I can't wait til her special person turns up

Fosterers should not take in other cats from any other source whilst our cats are in foster due to the risk of carrying disease to Heronbank Cats and vulnerable kittens and incurring potentially huge vet bills for the rescue.

Foster homes are routinely home-checked before cats or kittens are placed there. We are not interested in your furnishings or how often you dust, we simply want to meet you and have a chat about fostering. It would help us to know what time frame you envisage fostering for us i.e. 6 months – 1 year and beyond or a matter of days/weeks. Knowing this will enable us to minimise the disruption to the cats/kittens. We also kindly ask that you do not change the names given to cats or kittens in your care as this will cause major disruption and confusion in the short and long term for Heronbank’s Administration Team.

All fosterers and potential fosterers must follow rescue policy in all situations.

ALL animals remain in the ownership of Heronbank Rescue until such time as they are adopted and the donation paid, paperwork signed off and confirmed by Heronbank Rescue.

Please fill in our Fostering form if you are interested in fostering for Heronbank Rescue

Fosterers guidelines

Meet Colin. He's 2 years old and chipped and neutered. He loves being in his foster home cuddling with his foster mummy and never wants to feel the cold loneliness of being alone on the streets again. The only thing that could make life perfect in Colin 's eyes is a family all of his own. Colin lives with other cats.

Feeding: Adult cats will usually eat wet cat food and biscuits, or a special diet if necessary. Pregnant cats need their daily food intake increasing if their backbone can be felt. Lactating females need an extra daily food allowance for every 2 kittens they have. Kittens should be fed on wet kitten food from weaning, at regular intervals and kitten biscuits should always be available as they get older. Cats are carnivores and cannot live on a vegetarian diet as they cannot manufacture taurine, which they need on a regular basis to stay healthy. This usually comes from their meaty or fishy food and biscuits,  We can supply fosterers with an appropriate food for our cats and kittens if needed

Meet Gandalf, he was born around 22.02.15 and was one of several cats that came into our care after we received reports that they had been getting kicked around in boxes by some lads in a local woods. When they came in they were nervous, but after a bit of tlc and a few sessions of reiki with one of our lovely volunteers they have become a lot less anxious and happy. This boy needs to be homed with another cat. He becomes very upset and cries when he is an only cat, this possibly stems from the abuse he suffered in the woods, he feels more secure with other cats. He truly is beautiful in nature and appearance. Who can give him his happy ever after? Gandolf is neutered.

Veterinary Care: If a cat or kitten falls ill, we use Donaldsons veterinary group in and around the Huddersfield area for our foster kittens. Kittens can deteriorate rapidly and help should be sought as early as possible. Authorisation should be obtained from Lindsay Smith before any treatment commences. We would then arrange treatment and charges to be made to the Heronbank Rescue account. Please note: no treatment will be given if authorisation has not been granted. You are responsible for contacting us immediately if you feel that cats/kittens in your care are looking unwell or have sustained injuries.

Worming: Kittens should be wormed from the age of 2 weeks using Panacur paste available from Heronbank. Give half the recommended dose on 3 consecutive days based on the kitten’s weight. Repeat fortnightly. Adult cats can be wormed with Profender spot-on or Panacur granules. From 2 months to 6 months kittens should be routinely treated for worms monthly and thereafter 3 monthly.  We usually rotate wormers regularly as not all wormers treat all kinds of worms.

10967947_421764694656469_1849865275_nFlea Treatment: Cats and kittens should be flea treated immediately on arrival, and young kittens from the age of 4 weeks. A nit comb smeared with Vaseline may be used to remove any remaining fleas which can be drowned in boiling water containing a spot of washing up liquid which serves to break the surface tension on the water surface. From 6 weeks kittens can be treated with Stronghold which we will provide, and which treats fleas, worms and ear mites. Adults are usually treated with a spot on treatment which are available from Heronbank.

AVAILABLE NOW Lucky 10 Weeks old Short Haired Male Flead and Wormed loves exploring and cuddles!! Adoption Fee £40

Tics:  Cats who have been living rough will potentially carry tics.  These come in 3 stages: the white clusters of eggs, tiny black babies which feel very much like little scabs and the adult tics which can be as big as a little finger nail.  They gorge them on the blood of their host for several days often making them anaemic, before dropping off to wait for their next host to pass by.  They can be safely be removed with a tic remover obtainable from any vet. Frontline can also be used to kill tics.

Spaying/Castrating: All cats over the age of 5 months will be neutered and microchipped. This is carried out at Donaldson’s vets. Prior consent must be sought as we have to gain authorisation.  Kittens younger than 5 months will go out with a neutering voucher valid at any branch of Donaldson vets.

white kitten close upHolidays/Unforseen circumstances: If you are going on holiday or cannot keep our animals for whatever reason, we would ask that you give us at least 2 weeks’ notice. We do not have spare capacity and cannot move kittens at a moment’s notice, except in the case of sudden, serious illness or accident to the fosterer or their immediate family.

Advertising and Marketing: Please forward details and close up pictures of kittens of 6 weeks and older, and cats in your care, to Sarah Webster who will ensure they are advertised for adoption. If you want to put posts on our Facebook page, Friends of Heronbank Rescue about your kittens, please join and you will then be able to add pictures and stories highlighting their characters.

Disputes: Any disputes with new owners after the kitten or cat has left your care should be referred to Lindsay Smith . Do not enter into any discussion with the people concerned.

Cat Bites: Even the most domesticated cat can bite in stressful situations. Cat bites can be very unpleasant and Medical attention should be sought immediately.

Complete our Fostering form if you are interested in fostering for Heronbank Rescue

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