Forever Families - Adoption Stories

This page is to showcase some of the success stories of cats and kittens who are now happily in new homes, bringing joy and delight to new families.

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Lucky lucky Martha has been snapped up by the lovely Elizabeth Machin and her family. We can tell she will be very much loved and well looked after! Thank you to Alison Seymour for fostering her. It’s been a pleasure having her in foster, she is such a lovely cat! Good luck Martha 🥰❤️

Jammy Dodger and Jolly Rodger

These little balls of fluff, Jammie Dodger and Jolly Rodger, have gone off to their new home with Zoe Loader. They will be very much missed by Vikki Smith, Sarah Jane Webster and Lindsay Smith who have cared for them in rescue and brought them to this point in their journey. We wish them the very best of luck in their new home 🥰❤️

Jay and Webster

Jay and Webster have also gone off to their new home with Jo O’Neill and family. They have touched many hearts in rescue and have been hard to part with. Although they have not been fostered together in rescue, we know they will be well suited to each other and will be best friends and partners in crime in no time… watch out!! Thank you to Sarah Jane Webster, Vikki Smith and Lindsay Smith for taking good care of Jay and helping him along his bumpy ride. We wish them both the best of luck in their new home 😍🥰


This is Jindsay! Today, Jindsay has been officially adopted by Vikki Smith who couldn’t bare to part with her. Vikki, Sarah Jane Webster and Lindsay Smith have all pulled Jindsay and her siblings through many life or death illnesses and nurses them to good health. They have all been given the all clear and gone to their forever homes today. As you can see, Jindsay is very happy to be adopted by Vikki. We wish her the best of luck in her new home 🥰❤️


This poor little boy, Jesse (now Dexter) has really been through the mill! He and his siblings have been so poorly and have been fighting for their lives on more than one occasion each in rescue. They have all pulled through and have all been officially adopted today. Jesse has been adopted by our very own Sarah Jane Webster who, along with Vikki Smith and Lindsay Smith, has fostered this boy while in rescue. There was never any way she would be able to pry with him after what they have supported him through. Congratulations Jesse, you’ve bagged yourself a home. Good luck little guy ❤️❤️❤️


The ever so handsome Jesus has been adopted by Hannah Cannon Nee Ford and family as a new brother for Xabier who they adopted from us last month and to her other cats. He has had a rocky ride in rescue but is now well enough to start a new life with his lovely new family. Thank you to Sarah Jane Webster, Vikki Smith and Lindsay Smith for keeping this little boy alive and providing care that has been second to none! He wouldn’t be here without you! Good luck in your new home Jesus 🥰


Ok… so we have LOADS of cats and kittens going off to their new homes over the next few days so be prepared to be bombarded with welcome posts!! It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start it off with VICTORIA!! Victoria is our longest staying resident and today, has gone off to her new home with Martha Apple ford and family! Thank you so much for giving her a lovely family home, she is extremely lucky. Lindsay Smithwill be lost without her. Thank you Lindsay for taking such good care of her in rescue! Good luck Victoria x


Yesterday, beautiful Maggie went off to a new home with Jennie Whosings. She takes with her a little piece of Alison’s heart. Congratulations Jennie and good luck in your new home Maggie 😍 We shall miss you ❤️ Thank you for choosing Heronbank x

Gamble, Gambia, QT and KC

And today, we have waved goodbye to Gamble, Gambia, KC and QT as they left for their new homes too. Thank you to Samantha Foster, Kaz Bowen and Lindsay Smith (and me 😂) for fostering this gorgeous bunch. Well done to Lindsay and Andy for letting QT go!! 😂🙈 we wish them all the best of luck in their new homes 😍❤️

Vixen, Vega, Pablo and Pongo

Saturday saw Vixen, Vega, Pablo and Pongo off to their forever homes with Glynn Harrison and Hannah Wharton respectively. They will be very much missed in rescue, with 2 homes now being a hell of a lot quieter!! Thank you to Stephen Slater and Julia Beanland for fostering these tiny tornados! Good luck little ones! 🥰