Heronbank’s Forever Families

This page is to showcase some of the success stories of cats and kittens who are now happily in new homes, bringing joy and delight to new families





My beautiful pudding. (Was jumanji). She is a fluffy ball of diva naughtyness and I love her for it.


Charlie and Jaffa: Double Trouble!


Queenie: Lazy bear is my gorgeous baby. I honestly can not thank you, Heronbank for allowing me to adopt her she is absolutely everything


Herbert with big brother Liam.


Alice: So loving and funny and always gives me a lift when things get difficult


Bobby (right) & Bella -brother & sister combo. Adopted August 2016


My name is Quinn, and I’m known as one of the ‘service station kittens’ from 2015. Team Heronbank rescued me and my siblings from underneath decking at a service station on the M62, sadly our mummy disappeared presumed killed 😞 It took a while for me to trust any human, but I always purred at my foster mum. I got a bit more confident over time and when my foster mum would sit on the floor with us I would roll over on to my back, I started to like humans. The time came for me and two of my siblings, Queenie and Quentin, to move on – my foster mummy wanted to keep all of us, but knew it wouldn’t have been fair as she already had three other cats. My foster mummy chose to keep me 😀 I’m still a bit wary at times, but I like my new brothers – Kanye chases me around ALL the time, but Seamus loves to cuddle up to me and Owen will on occasion. I like to wait for my mummy to wake up on a morning, I’ll watch for her doing it then I’ll jump up on to the bed and flop down at the side of her purring. I’m happy Team Heronbank saved me and my siblings xx


Oonagh and orlagh


Gorgeous Hero who loves snuggling with his bestie Flynn


Scamp who’s now 2 1/2 (came to me at 7 months) and the most loyal and affectionate cat I’ve ever had, drives me nuts wanting to play fetch with his Crisp packets lol




Annabelle, now known as Jiji, is a thoroughly spoilt housecat




Annabelle and her big brother Toby


Tinker (was pebbles) who’s just turned 2 (came to me at 7ish months) and is just a big furry snugglebum of a cat.


Peggy came in after she was forced to have her babies in a garden. She has blossomed into a lovely girl and her new mummy says “love her to bits”!



My names is pebbles i had a bit of a rough start in life as i was moved 4 times in one week due to little hooman being allergic to me. Then along came emma. She is my hooman now and she was only supposed to foster me but she fell in love and decided to go the full pig and adopt me. I was just a 12week old then and that was almost 3 years ago. She is the best and treats me like the princess i am and her little hooman isnt allergic to me either yay!!!


Fanta (top) and Elula – both fosters who we couldn’t bear to part with! Lula’s a way-too-intelligent little girl who has mastered every door handle, taking the top off the tortoise table and no doubt will be tackling the fridge next!! Fanta is a mad bonkers kitten – racing around the house at top zoom, stopping occasionally for cuddles. The two are pretty inseparable – Elula the brave (dogs?? Who cares??!) leading Fanta into all kinds of adventures. We love them


This is Calli. She was called Annabelle when we adopted her last year. She spent her first couple of weeks on the top of the wardrobe. Now she loves to cuddle, and is so affectionate. She’s bonded really well with Toby our other cat. He’s a few months older than her. They play and chase each other all the time. Their my babies!


This is Brian who came from Heronbank early 2015 when he was just a baby. When he first came he he used to keep us awake at night with his extra loud meow! He’s now one of the family and we wouldn’t be without him xxx


This is Narla, she was recused after giving birth to 4 babies in the snow at just 10 months old if i remember right.  When ever we go to find Narla you can guarantee she is sprawled out on the bed just like in the picture. She loves cuddles and will get laid out on your lap if you sit down.


Rory and Bandit were adopted in 2015/16. Both had sad stories and both are little gems. Rory is outrageous: scared of nothing (except Smokey his arch enemy). Bandit, named for his batman like mask) is no long sticky, he’s still a bit scared but loves to climb on top of me in bed for a cuddle. Thank you Heronbank



My gorgeous brother & sister combo Bobby & Bella. Have a wonderful relaxing life with the Wassell family! Rescued starving from a school car park. Thank you Heronbank


I adopted Lacey last year after she was found all alone sat in some bushes at about 6 weeks of age. She was fostered by Lindsay who took excellent care of her and encouraged her to develope into the most loving and confident cat that she is today who loves cuddles and snuggles up to me when I watch tv or when I’m in bed. Can’t imagine life without her now.


Hello! We are Kitty, Millie and Marvel and we came from a multi cat household. We were very scared little kittens and Marvel hid under a bed for 2 weeks before he could be stroked. With lots of love and cuddles we are now very affectionate and we love to explore the farm we live on. We even have our own playground in one of the stables! Thank you Heronbank for rescuing us and finding a home where we could all stay together.


This is my baby girl Rogue (formerly known as Hermione) I adopted her on the 19th May 2017 she’d been fostered by Debbie she’s an absolute joy to have love waking up to her little face every morning


Hello my name is Veena my foster mummies are failed fosterers because I am so cute. Look at me though who couldn’t fall in love with me xx


This is my gorgeous girl Khaleesi (Kelly for short) formerly Arthur. She was fostered by the wonderful Debbie Newsome. She is such a loving, playful girl, and when she is with her big sister, Evee, they are usually upto no good!  She loves cuddles on the sofa whilst suckling my dressing gown!


This is Kelvin. My adoptee from heronbank. He has no teeth. He’s grumpy, not affectionate won’t allow the others to play with his favourite toy. But he’s my special boy. Bad start in life we think dumped. Not socialised from a kitten. But he’s happy. He has a forever home with me for the rest of his grumpy days.




My name is milo, (formerly kipper) I stayed with my lovley foster mummy Lindsay, but now I have a new home.
I have only been with my new family since 6th June, but I’m already running riot and making myself at home!
It’s nice to have somewhere warm and cozy and someone love me when I was left out in the cold.at such a young age with all my brothers and sister.

I even think my new big sister, socks is getting used to me already!


Thelma and Louise were rescued by Heronbank at 5 weeks old. They are now two and a half years old and I love them to bits x

Thelma and Louise were trapped inside a women’s prison where mum was safe and being fed, hence their names!  Mum has also now been neutered