Forever Families - Adoption Stories

This page is to showcase some of the success stories of cats and kittens who are now happily in new homes, bringing joy and delight to new families.

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Frankie, Herbie and Nightfury

Heronbank beauties gone to new homes this week, Herbie (left) to Paul Delahunty and family, Night fury (top right) to Hannah Thompson and Sam Morehouse, and Frankie to Amy Mcgarry. We welcome them all to the heronbank family. Shout out to the foster mummies please for the great job they do, Sarah Jane Webster, Lindsay Smith, Hannah Cannon 😍😍😍.


Usha is one of our longest standing residents. She has been adopted and returned twice but has finally found a new forever family. Hopefully this is the start of her new life 🤞🏻. Shes settled straight in and found herself a new forever friend 🥰

Ada, Angel and Vernon

More heronbank kitties off to new homes this weekend, the gorgeous Vernon (left) and Ada and Angel all found new mummies yesterday respectively with Amanda Jackson and Hazel Hogan. Again relatively new residents to heronbank but have been snapped up and it’s not hard to see why 😍. Huge thanks to foster mums Kaz Bowen and Sarah Jane Webster for Vernon and Cath Vergerson for Ada and Angel 😍😍.

Ernesto and Enrique

The absolutely stunning tabby brothers Ernesto and Enrique today went to live with Sarah MacDonald and family and we know they are going to be spoiled wrotten. They are now to be called Dougie and Derek 😂😍. A big shout out to first time fosterers Susan Crowther and her granddaughter Amber Nelmes for doing an amazing job with these two boys 😍😍.

Usha, Urchin and Uber

So we had a quiet month in August for rehoming but we are making up for it now, starting off with one of our longest foster residents Usha (left) who has been in and out of our care for some time, having found a home and then had to come back. She has now (we certainly hope) found her forever home with Rosie Kemp 😍

Then to two very short term fosters who have come and gone in record time the lovely Urchin and Uber (top right) who were chosen by Gavin Stead and family. Well apparently Urchin was chosen and then Uber gatecrashed the party and couldnt be resisted!!! 😂😍. So happy they are together.

Big thanks to foster mummies for Usha – Victoria Marie, Lindsay Smith and any others I may have forgotten….and Hannah Cannon for the U boys x

Damelia and Darcy

We are on a roll here cos Damelia and Darcy have barely been in rescue 5 mins and they have bagged a lovely home with Jane Sykes and her family this weekend. We knew these girls wouldn’t be around for long. Thanks to wonderful Sarah Jane Webster for fostering 😍

Tootsie and Tico

So the other two gorgeous kittens that made up the T litter have finally gone to their new home this week too, Tootsie and Tico have gone to live with Faye Whitaker. Tootsie has had some health issues so it has taken a little longer but they will both be getting lots of love and cuddles I’m sure. Big thanks again to Kaz Bowen and Sarah Jane Webster, for fostering these beauties 😍😍

Erin and Ettie

Two more beautiful babies have gone to a new home, Erin and Ettie were adopted by Karen Green yesterday. What a gorgeous pair and they will be sadly missed by our wonderful foster mummy Sarah Webster who really, really didn’t want to part with them 😭 but massive thanks to her. Good luck little ones 😻😻x

Queen Bea

Here’s our beautiful pedigree longhaired Queen Bea and she has found her forever home with Nikki Close. She does have her issues but has found the perfect home with Nikki and we wish them both all the best. Big thanks to Tracy for being a fab foster mummy to Bea 😍