Forever Families - Adoption Stories

This page is to showcase some of the success stories of cats and kittens who are now happily in new homes, bringing joy and delight to new families.

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Beautiful Xeni found her forever home today! yay! we are so excited she has been adopted by the lovely Helen Johnston. Welcome to our family Helen and we hope you have many happy years with Xeni. Thank you to Kirsty Sykes for some wonderful fostering of this gorgeous girl

Lockdown Adoptions

Happy adoption day to Paisley and her new family. Paisley found her forever home with Karen Hickman and her family. Welcome Karen and we are so pleased Paisley can have another chance.
Thank you to Steve Baseley for more fabulous fostering. We really do appreciate it.

Another lovely adoption story; Francesco went to live with Loretta Coyle – we are so pleased and welcome Loretta to our family. And a huge big thank you to Sophy Ansell for a marvellous first time fostering – we really cannot do this without all our amazing fosterers and our lovely ‘friends’ that adopt our babies.

Oh now this is a special one!!!! the lovely Kara McManus has adopted ALL THREE of our gorgeous ‘E’ kittens – Evanna, Evelyn & Everett…WOW!!!!! Welcome to our family Kara and how fabulous these babies stay together.
Big thank you to Kirsty Sykes for an amazing fostering job!

We just love it when our adult cats are adopted! Welcome to our Heronbank family Amy Longfellow and we know Dixie will have a fabulous forever home!
Huge thanks to fosterer Shannon Calvin – this was her first placement and she did a wonderful job. We rely on our volunteers and fosterers so much and we cannot say thank you enough!

The absolutely gorgeous calico babies were adopted! Una and Ulyana have gone to live with Sam Appleyard. Welcome to our family Sam and good luck with these two beauties. Big thanks to Sarah Morton for her fabulous care of these, their mummy and sibling

Another happy adoption, brothers Fudge and Frankie now have their forever home with Lam Cao and family. Welcome to our Heronbank family Lam, and good luck with Fudge and Frankie. Thank you for the wonderful fostering from Anne Marie Pollard.

Happy double adoption news! The beautiful Uli and one of her babies (Undine) left to start their new life with Robert Warminger and his family. Welcome to our family Robert and thank you for your amazing foster care Sarah Morton.

Ahhh its always a happy day here in rescue when one of our adult residents finds his forever home! Congratulations and welcome to Shayne Bell, and I am sure we all agree Thornton will love his new forever home. Big thank you also to Victoria Marie for her wonderful fostering.

Mazikeen went to her forever home! We are so pleased Ebony Wilby and her family have adopted Mazikeen (now named Luna). She has been an absolute pleasure for Lindsay Heronbank Smith to foster in her short time at Heronbank Rescue. Thank you Lindsay and we know you will be spoiled Luna.

More happy adoption news!!!! Yanni and Yuri went to their forever home with Rebecca Brown. Welcome to our Heronbank family Rebecca 🙂
A big thank you to Caitlin Miranda for doing a marvellous job fostering these two trouble makers! Don’t worry Caitlin Miranda we will soon have more babies for you to foster.

Well we have been very busy at Heronbank! These two cuties were also adopted by Amy and James – welcome to our Heronbank family. Good luck Izzard and Izaya in your fabulous new home and thank you again to Lindsay SmithVictoria Marie and Sarah West for their magnificent fostering.

Another happy adoption story: Isabella and Ivor have been adopted by Krista McKenna & family! A big welcome to our Heronbank family to Krista McKenna and a big thank you to fosterer’s Lindsay SmithVictoria Marie and Sarah West.

Iantro & Idris were collected by their new family. A huge welcome to Rebecca Day and a huge thank you to Lindsay SmithSarah West and Victoria Marie for fostering these adorable babies.
Have a long happy life in your forever home Ianto and Idris

The gorgeous Yasmine was adopted! We would like to say a big thank you to her fosterer Caitlin Miranda and welcome new mummy Kirsty Hepworth to the Heronbank Rescue family.
Yasmine was rescued along with her babies, and now her babies don’t need her anymore she can become a pampered princess. Happy Gotcha’ day Yasmine xx


Samson turned up in our fosterers garden a while ago. She brought him into rescue, he was mucky, full of fleas and really scared. He has come so far. He’s looking bright white, relaxed and happy. He has charmed everyone including the kitties and they have decided to adopt him!❤️ good luck in your new home Samson and thank you Kirsty for fostering him

Winona, Willa, Wendy, Winnie

Poor Rachel Whittaker our lovely Fosterer, lost this whole family in one day this weekend, when they all went to their forever homes!! Mummy Winona (left) was adopted by Nicola Moor, Wendy and Willa (top and middle right) by Karl Pallister and little Winnie (bottom) by Rachel Macpherson. Welcome to all our adopters and we wish you all years of happiness with your babies 😍😍😍😍
Thanks again to Rachel for fostering them you did a great job, and we will now find you some more 😉😂

Orion, Oakley and Quigley

Just another very quick post so no ones forgotten and I couldn’t resist this photo of these gorgeous boys ruff and tumbling 😍. On Friday the lovely boy Quigley went to live with Gemma Scadding and her son and today Orion and Oakley to Julia North. Lots of love to all.
Big thanks to Sarah Baseley for fostering Quigley and Beverley Perry for the O boys.
I know all 3 will be missed by their foster mummys 😍😍😍


More inmates have escaped the asylum this weekend 😂 The lovely, shy Xinthie was in rescue for the second time but hopefully it’ll be her last time. She has found the quiet and calm home she needs with Caroline Lord. Good luck Xinthie and thank you to Jean for fostering 😍😍😍.

Social distanced rehoming procedures were followed.


So yesterday the beautiful Xyla found her new forever home with Jessica Rowell.
Only in rescue since mid April so quite a brief stay but we would like to thank Rachel Whittaker one of our new fosterers for giving her a loving foster home while she was with us. We wish you much love and happiness Xyla 😍

This was a safe rehoming with careful consideration given to social distancing and no contact procedure.

Queen Ruby

Queen Ruby has left for her forever home. She has landed herself a perfect home with Richard who I’m sure is going to treat her like a Queen.
Of all the cats Heather has fostered, this one has definitely taken a piece of her heart with her. The sassiest cat we have ever met, we will miss her!! Thank you so much Heather and family for fostering this feisty little lady 😻❤️👑

This was a safe rehoming with careful consideration given to social distancing and no contact procedure.


Pretty Pearl went off to her forever home this morning. She has gone to live with Joanne, her husband and their son Daniel who was very excited to welcome her into the family 🥰 They have got themselves a very special sweet kitty 😻 Kirsty Sykes and the rest of Pearl’s foster family will miss her very much and wish her all the best. Thank you for fostering her Kirsty! 💖💖💖

This was a safe rehoming with careful consideration given to social distancing and no contact procedure.


Sonny came in to rescue at the start of lockdown and has been happily settling in to his foster home. As expected, he has been snapped up as soon as we have started with socially distanced rehoming. He has gone to live with Helen Culloty as a play friend for her young cat. We are sure he will fit in just perfectly. A big thank you to our first time fosterer Kirsty Sykes who has done a great job of looking after him. Good luck in your new home Sonny xx