Our names are Quarry and Quarmby and we need a home (together) 🏡 🙏 🐾

Pet Name: Quarry and Quarmby

Gender: Females

DOB: approx 2 years old

Colour: Tortie (Quarry AKA Miss Stripy Face has a stipe down her face… Quarmby doesn’t)

Neutered: Yes

Triple Vaccinated: Yes

Chipped: Yes

Flea and worming: Yes

Cat Lover: Yes

Dog Lover: Unsure

Socialised with children: Unsure

Indoor/Outdoor: They prefer indoor but could be let outdoor once they are used to their new environment (we recommend a few months for them to get used to your house first)

Likes/Dislikes: We’re a little scared of men… you can’t Blame us though, they’re loud and smell funny. We love food, cuddles and a clean bed. And it goes without saying that we’ll need our litter tray cleaned very regularly.

History: Quarry and Quarmby were in rescue as kittens, they were moved between foster homes before finding what we thought would be their forever home. Unfortunately they returned to the rescue through no fault of their own and now they’re on the hunt for a forever home again. Quarry is more confident than Quarmby but they have been together all their life so cannot be separated.

Character: We love to play and interact with humans but it might take us a little bit of time to get used to you (Longer if you are a man). We’re not a massive fan of treats but will accept cuddles as payment for doing what you want.

Adoption fee: £80 each (We’re a package deal for £160 – absolute bargin!!)