Special Needs Cats

Would you consider sponsoring one of or special needs cats? These are cats who have injuries or illnesses which mean they need to spend a long time in the rescue. All of these cats are a significant drain on our resources but we believe they are just as entitled to love and care as every other cat. Some may need expensive operations, others are on long term medication, some have to have special diets. Please read our cat’s stories and consider sponsoring one of them. Sponsorship can be done on a monthly standing order or by donating a larger lump sum. This money will go directly into our Special Needs cat fund and will contribute directly to helping the cat of your choice.

Sponsors will also receive a certificate of sponsorship with the story of their chosen cat. 

Please pay via PayPal on Heronbankrescue@kittymail.com using the family and friends option and quoting sponsorship and the cats name, or Contact us for the Rescue’s bank details. We are grateful for sponsorship of our cats and kittens. Sponsors will receive updates regularly.


Hi my name is Imbri (Chicken). I am a special little princess and I have had a tough start in life. I was left in a school playground with my siblings but this lovely lady (Tracey pearson) came and found us and kept us warm, fed, watered and loved.
All my siblings managed to find a home but I didnt so I went to play at the crazy cat house.
I’m a happy playful young furbaby now,I love to play and have strokes. I’m ok with being handled but a little jumpy (you will see why as you read further). I dont mind dogs or other cats but because of my health reasons i need to be rehomed as an only indoor cat ( keep reading).
I kept on getting sore eyes and ulcers and I have been back and forth to the kitty doctors so many time and had so many eye creams (this is why I’m not too keen on been handled I’m scared your going to put eye cream in again) and as time has gone on they did blood tests which showed something not right but this could of been with stress ect so they said to leave it a month or 2 and try again. In the mean time I’ve had my eye lids sewn back because they were rubbing on my eyes and making them sore.
I’ve been back for my blood tests repeating which is showing higher than last time so it appears I have coronavirus. I’m a very happy kitty and I’m looking for the right people to open up their hearts to me and look after me forever. I am hoping someone will accept me and my condition…. after all, we all have illnesses in one way or another! If you can offer me a loving indoor only home as an only cat, please get in touch X