Special Needs Cats

Would you consider sponsoring one of or special needs cats? These are cats who have injuries or illnesses which mean they need to spend a long time in the rescue. All of these cats are a significant drain on our resources but we believe they are just as entitled to love and care as every other cat. Some may need expensive operations, others are on long term medication, some have to have special diets. Please read our cat’s stories and consider sponsoring one of them. Sponsorship can be done on a monthly standing order or by donating a larger lump sum. This money will go directly into our Special Needs cat fund and will contribute directly to helping the cat of your choice.

Sponsors will also receive a certificate of sponsorship with the story of their chosen cat. 

Please pay via PayPal on donations@heronbank.co.uk using the family and friends option and quoting sponsorship and the cats name, or Contact us for the Rescue’s bank details. We are grateful for sponsorship of our cats and kittens. Sponsors will receive updates regularly.


Zulu is a special little boy. He is a bit of an escape artist and is constantly getting out of his pen. He’s a cuddly little man who loves his food. He likes to play but can only do so for short bursts of time. a trip to the vet to try to establish why has revealed a very severe heart murmur. The murmur means his life expectancy is limited, As he grows he may need medication and there is the possibility that as he gets older and his heart is more developed, he could require surgery.

Zulu will stay in Heronbank in long term foster care,

zulu-flowersWhy not sponsor Zulu as a gift for a friend?

Zulu has a really bad heart murmur and needed a heart scan to determine whether surgical intervention was needed or whether he would need medication for life.  Fortunately his heart scan showed up a very slight hole in his heart which did not need treatment unless he becomes unwell.

Please contact us for details to set up a standing order, or pay via PayPal on donations@heronbank.co.uk using the family and friends option and quoting Zulu.



Terry was around 10 weeks old when he came into rescue, very shy, a bit bewildered and in some pain. Terry had been taken to our vets with a suspected broken leg but his “owner” was not willing to pay for his treatment so of course the vet rang Heronbank.

With little alternative Heronbank agreed to take him on and asked for X-rays to determine what the problem was. The X-ray revealed no breaks but a very swollen elbow. The vet felt that there are two probable causes, either an infection, (caused by blunt trauma as there is no external wound) or far more worryingly, that he may have cancer, in which case his leg would have to be amputated.

TerryTerry was given a long course of antibiotics and pain relief over the next month. This was followed by repeated X-rays. These were sent to a bone specialist for his opinion. The good news is that Terry has started putting down some more calcium in the bone which means that in all probability it is not cancer. There is a downside to this in that the calcium deposits in the elbow joint may at some point make the joint stiff and unbendable however cats are adaptable creatures and he feel sure that Terry will learn to cope with this. The specialist is in full agreement that the cause of Terry’s problem is not cancer.  The problem has most likely been caused by an infection in the joint. Both our own vet and the specialist who has been consulted, think that Terry may continue to have problems with this joint & it is still possible that he will require surgery to remove the leg at some time in the future, if the joint continues to cause him problems. If surgery does become necessary it might be several years in the future.  In the short term we are following veterinary advice & Terry is now having more time out of his crate to run around & play & build up the muscle & supporting structures for the joint. Obviously he will continue to be closely monitored.

Name: Terry DOB:- 06.02.16 SEX:- Male NEUTERED? Yes COLOUR:- Black VACCINATED? TBA PREFERRED HOME:- Any home considered A WORD FROM THE CAT:-Hi my name is Terry but sometimes my foster mummy calls me Terence but she only seems to do that when I'm grabbing hold of her clothes while she's trying to get dressed at 4.30am or when I'm trying to help her clean the parrots out, well she can't climb into their cages like me can she? Even when I'm trying to take a shower with her I'm only trying to keep her company! what is wrong with her!! I love giving her kisses and cuddles and she likes that too. Anyway enough about me what about you? I am looking for a loving forever home BUT you must love kisses and cuddles and playing and have a nice garden I can go out and play in I'm not allowed out at my foster home but I have bags of energy and I need to play out. A friend would be nice too as I'm used to being around all my foster brother and sisters and I love it So just fill in the handy form for the rescue people and come and tell my foster mummy how ungrateful she is by calling me Terence just because I'm helping out. Xx

We were fundraising to cover Terry’s vets bills to cover the cost of surgery to remove his leg should it be necessary.  

Because there is still a reasonable chance that Terry will need the surgery we will be retaining the money that has been raised for this in a separate account so that it is available when it is needed. Terry’s foster mum tells us that you would never know the little guy had ever had a problem with his leg. He runs around & climbs & plays just like his foster family. He has no residual limp. Oh & Terry is turning into quite a big, handsome boy. Because of this we are no longer actively fundraising for Terry & in fact we are delighted to report that someone wanted to adopt him.