Hello everyone!!! I’m Usha and I am the queen of the world. I like to sit and watch the world go by from a great height. I love sitting on the cat tree, mantle piece, sofa and windowsill. My foster human even put my bed on top of the drawers so I can enjoy my day even more! It’s great! When you’re not working I will come down from my high places to shower you with affection and if you’re lucky I may even choose to become your lap warmer. I’m not a fan of over excitable dogs or too many cats but I can live with them as long as I have my high places. Kids also aren’t a good idea because they scare me! I need a calm home. Most importantly because I’m the queen I demand that you give me a minimum of a million cuddles and kisses a day! My adoption fee is £50. I’m a beautiful girl who needs the perfect human, is that you?

To adopt this cat, please visit here.