Heronbank is looking for foster carers mostly for mums and kittens, litters of kittens and single young cats as we enter into kitten season.

As a team we support you in every way! We cover everything from vet care, food, litter, toys etc.

All we require from you is

❤️ a safe space away from other animals

❤️ transport for vet runs to Mirfield and collection of items from Lockwood.

❤️ Your own cats must be vaccinated

❤️ love and attention

We can match you up with your perfect foster cat/kittens depending on your family life.

The aim of fostering isn’t to keep the cat or kittens but we do have lots of fosters that have adopted so please let us know if you are looking to adopt too 🥰

If you can help, please give it a try! ❤️