My name is Egeria (AKA Princess Egeria Bunloaf) and I need my new home

Gender: Female

DOB: Approx 9 years old

Colour: Black & white

History: Originally came into Heronbank as her elderly owner died. She then went to a lovely home but had to come back into rescue after two years as her new owner became too ill to look after her.

Needs: A quiet home where she can be the only princess and have lots of tickles around the chin, ears and tummy.

Character: Princess Egeria Bunloaf is such a lovely, quiet, no fuss, low maintenance girl who just needs a calm home where she can relax and snooze. She is a little nervous at first and likes to have an igloo bed or a hiding place to go to if she needs to. But just allowing her to approach on her own terms, she will, slowly but surely, creep closer and closer for tickles as she starts to trust you. Her sweet natured character will make an appearance and then the purrs will start and your heart will melt. She isn’t really much of a lap cat, mostly preferring to sit next to you or on the arm of the sofa next to you. She is a clean girl, prefers clumping or gravel litter rather than wood pellets and expects her litter tray to be kept spotless! She isn’t really into toys that much, her favourite thing to play with is a bit of string when the feeling overcomes her! She also isn’t a big eater, (Gourmet Perle fish varieties are her current favourites) and some biscuits on the side and isn’t bothered for most treats. She does like the odd cat-nip Dreamie though if she’s in the mood. Egeria is just the perfect puss if you want a gentle, easy companion!

Can I live with other cats? No

Can I live with other dogs? No

Can I live with children? 10+

Can I live indoor completely? Or do I need access to outdoors? She would like access to the outdoors in time.

Minimum adoption donation £100