My name is Ella and I need my new home

Gender: Female

Available approx 2nd week in July

DOB: Approx August 2023

Colour: Tabby

History: Surrendered into rescue with her 3 babies, born outside as strays

Needs: A loving home with lots of Dreamies and tummy rubs.

She has spent some time with my dog who is well behaved with cats, Ella was cautious of the dog and did give little warning taps but didn’t show any aggression therefore should be ok with cat friendly calm dogs with slow introduction.

Character: Ella is an absolutely gorgeous sweet little girl, she loves to roll around on her back and have tummy rubs and just loves to be with you. Ella is a chatty girl and chirps away at you in conversation. She’s playful and especially enjoys playing with little fuzzy balls, she will carry them around the house in her mouth to play with it in a different room. She’s pretty much still a kitten herself

Can I live with other cats? No

Can I live with other dogs? Yes (See needs)

Can I live with children? Yes

Can I live indoor completely? Or do I need access to outdoors? Needs access to outdoors once settled

Minimum adoption donation £100