Our names are Evelyn, Ebony & Edith and we need our new home

** If applying for a single kitten you must have an existing young resident cat. Priority will be given to those applying in pairs ***

Genders: All Girls

DOBs: 25/4/24

Ready 1st week in July

Colours: Evelyn – Tabby & White, Ebony – Black with a few white flecks on front legs, Edith – Black panther

History: Surrendered into rescue with mummy Ella, born outside as strays

Needs: A loving home with lots of toys to play with. A sibling or resident cat to be friends with is a must.

We are a little cautious around foster mummy’s doggo so will need a slow introduction to any resident dogs or other pets until we build our confidence with them. We will be fine with little hoomans but again will need a little time to gain our confidence.

Characters: All typical playful loving kittens

Evelyn – The leader of the pack, she’s the first to come running to you as you walk in the door and the most confident of the sisters. It’s all about Evelyn and if you’re not cuddling her she will claim up your legs or back until you do

Ebony – The calm one, never made much noise, she’s quietly confident and never far behind Evelyn. She loves chasing stick toys and will enjoy a little stroke

Edith – The baby of the pack. Edith was always the noisy one when being picked up but she’s starting to enjoy cuddles a bit more lately and she will come to you and snuggle next to you. She’s often sat back to watch her sisters but it doesn’t take too long before she joins in, she just needs a bit of time to assess the situation first.

Can we live with other cats? Yes (MUST if single)

Can we live with other dogs? Yes (Slow introduction)

Can we live with children? Yes

Can we live indoor completely? Or do we need access to outdoors? Either

Minimum adoption donation £140 each