Feral Cat Trapping Form

We have several humane cat traps which will safely trap feral and semi feral cats.

Complete the form below if you know of any colonies which need our help. These cats are usually neutered, de-flead and wormed and are also ear tipped to indicate they have been neutered in case they are caught at any stage in the future. They are then returned to the area they know which will keep neighbouring cats out and the rodent population down.

Our traps can be loaned on condition they are not used in wet weather (we don’t want them to rust) and they must be under cover in the garden of a responsible individual who will bait and set the trap as necessary (we will show you how to do this) and inform us when an animal is caught. Traps can only be used from Sunday evening until Thursday morning as vets do not neuter over the weekend.

There is a returnable deposit of £40 for the loan of our traps. This can be waived in certain circumstances.