Our names are Fortnight, Florida and Foreverwinter and we need our new home

** If applying for a single kitten you must have an existing young resident cat. Priority will be given to those applying in pairs ***

Ready 30th June


Fortnight – (RESERVED)

Florida -Male

ForeverWinter -Male

DOBs: 20th May 24

Colours: Fortnight & Florida are Tabby.

Foreverwinter is a smokey grey with white bits

History: Surrendered into rescue with their feral mum, at 1 week old, from a textile factory

Needs: plenty of stimulation, they love cat biscuits, feather toys and would benefit from a young confident resident cat to learn from.

Characters: They are all timid kittens, growing up with a feral mum has made them a little more nervous of being handled, however, they are super curious, nosey and love a stroke once they’ve settled! They have the typical mad zoomies, and love to climb!

Can we live with other cats? Yes (MUST if single)

Can we live with other dogs? Untested

Can we live with children? Older children

Can we live indoor completely? Or do we need access to outdoors? Either

Minimum adoption donation £140 each