Our names are Gerard, Gracie, Gypsy and Ginny and we need our new home

** If applying for a single kitten you must have an existing young resident cat. Priority will be given to those applying in pairs ***

Ready approx 25th of June


Males – Gerard

Females – Ginny

Gracie, (RESERVED)


DOBs: 17/3/24

Colours: Black

Blue collar – Gerard

Green collar – Gracie

White Collar – Ginny

Brown Collar – Gypsy

History: Found on a building site!

Needs: plenty of space for zoomies,

a playful friend and lots of toys, a loving human for lots of cuddles.


Gerard is an absolute character, he loves to run around the house chasing his siblings. He’s the big brother that looks out and looks after his sisters. He’s such a chunky boy and it makes him absolutely scrumptious

Gracie is really playful and loves running around jumping all over her siblings. She’s always the one being mischievous. She loves her toys and climbing the cat scratching tree.

Gypsy loves being with her siblings or her mum and his very affectionate. She does love to play and will chase anything round the house, she’s always the one trying to sneak past you without you looking and then runs when she knows you’ve seen her. She is very loving aswell.

Ginny was the quietest out of her and her siblings. She’s come out of her shell loads and now loves the attention. She likes her toys and climbing on things. She’s always involved in play fights or running round tormenting her siblings.

We are currently in foster with cats and dogs

Can we live with other cats? Yes (MUST if single)

Can we live with other dogs? Yes

Can we live with children? Yes

Can we live indoor completely? Or do we need access to outdoors? Either

Minimum adoption donation £140 each