We had numerous forms in over christmas and as a result we have started the new year by rehoming loads of cats and all of our kittens…


We are kicking off the New year rehomings with Snoopy! Snoopy has managed the impossible….. he has won Andrew Shelton over and secured himself a permanent home. Andy couldn’t face parting with him so he is now a permanent fixture! Well done Snoopy! Thank you Debbie Wooler for helping with his fears and making him in to the loving cat he became, to Sarah West for her turn at fostering him and Lindsay Smith for fostering him more recently 😂🙈❤️

Jack and Jane

Our long-staying residents Jackanory and Jane have gone off to their new home with Mikayla Greenwood. We wish them the very best of luck. Thank you to all of the Fosterers who looked after them during their stay, especially Debbie Wooler who had helped them overcome their fear of humans. We wish them the best of luck in their new home 🥰


Humphrey has also gone off to his new home with Kayleigh wadsworth. He hasn’t been in rescue long at all but is happy to have found his new home all the same. Thank you Vikki Smith for fostering him. Good luck Humphrey 😍

Manala and Monana

Manala and Monana went off to their new home. They have waited patiently for their day to come! They are off to live with Cathy and Barry Lavin. Thank you Tracy Caley Petrie for fostering these beauties. We wish them well in their new home 🥰


Fire baby Izak has been snapped up by Heidi Town and gone off to join his new big sister Haiku who was adopted from Heronbank before Christmas. They will be very much missed by Vikki Smith who has fostered they both in rescue (thank you for that). Good luck in your new home Izak and Haiku 🥰❤️


This gorgeous little man, Ima, has been collected and has now gone to live with Julia Steglich. Vikki Smith was very sad to see him go but happy he has found a lovely forever home. Thank you for fostering him Vikki. Good luck in your new home Ima 😘❤️


Another one of our stunning kittens has gone off to his new home today! Immy has gone to live with Andrea Gill. He is the last of the fire babies to go to his new home. We wish him the very best of luck. Thank you Vikki Smith for fostering this little guy 😊❤️


The lovely Saskia has gone to live with Hayley Jenkins who rescued her originally. She has found out it is not the cat she is allergic to and can’t bare to part with her. Thank you to Sarah West and Sarah Baseley for briefly fostering this little beauty. Good luck in your new home Saskia with the people you chose for yourself! 😊❤️


Gorgeous little Olive has landed herself a home! She has been collected today to go and live with Jane Eastwood, her husband, her new puffy tat sister and their doggos. She will be 100% spoilt. Good luck Olive! Thank you Heather Midgley for fostering this beauty and Lindsay Smith who also fostered her for a short time. Another happy ending 🥰


From the minute this handsome chap came in to rescue, Cath Vergerson fell in love with him and knew he would not be leaving her 😂 Today he has officially been adopted by Cath and her family. Thanks for fostering him and giving him a perfect new home. Congratulations Rumplestiltskin!! 🥰


Our longest staying resident Imbri (aka Chicken) has just left the building!! She has gone to live with Su Kent and her doggos. She has waited so long to get well and go off to her new home. Thank you to Sarah West for fostering her for a spell but a massive thank you to Lindsay Smith for over a year of nursing care and love for Chicken poo. She has been in rescue since being a tiny kitten! I know you will miss her. Good luck Chicken 😘❤️

Brian and Bourbon

It seems like forever ago that Biscuit had her babies! And this weekend, the are all off to new homes! First off were Brian and Bourbon who have gone to live their best life with Jo Ensby Sugden and family. Good luck little ones! Thank you Sarah West for fostering them and nursing them through I’ll health in rescue 🥰❤️

Biscuit – mama cat

These little beauties, Biscuit and Badonde have left the building! They have gone to live with Gemma McIntosh and family. It’s is wonderful to see Biscuit adopted with one of her babies…. who could resist her?!! We know they will be very happy there. Thank you Sarah West for fostering them in rescue 🥰❤️

Baby Bella

Baby Bella has also left for pastures new today! She has gone off to live with Jaime Gledhill and family who I know are very excited to have her. Good luck Baby Bella and thank you Sarah West for fostering her in rescue 😃❤️


The last of the B kittens has now left!! 😢 BonBon has been adopted by Diane Galvin. Have a great life BonBon! Thank you Sarah West for fostering her during her time in rescue 😊❤️