My name is Nia and I need my new home

Genders: Female

DOBs: Approx 1 year old

Colours: Tabby

History: Abandoned in a crate in the Heronbank car park.

Needs: A loving, calm home with plenty of company, stimulation and the opportunity to explore outside once they’re ready.


A little reserved when settling, but once she’s feeling secure she’ll come out to investigate and play and ask for strokes. Nia wasn’t keen on the kittens in her interim foster but she loves her sister. She can go with her sister only,

Or she will need a pet free home. She is only tolerant of her sister.

Nia has settled amazing considering what shes been through. She is still a little wary, and dislike a lot of activity/loud noise preferring to take refuge somewhere if it’s a bit much for her. Nia is very intelligent and will need to have stimulation, toys etc to keep her busy!

Can we live with other cats? No (unless Nayana)

Can we live with other dogs? No

Can we live with children? 10+ calmer children.

Can we live indoor completely? Or do we need access to outdoors? Access to outdoors once settled.

Minimum adoption donation £100