My name is RAMBO and I need a home 🏡 🙏 🐾

Gender: Male

DOB: 20/12/15

Colour: Tabby and White

Neutered: Yes

Triple Vaccinated: Will be booked in when coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Included in adoption fee.

Chipped: Yes

Flea and worming: Yes

Cat Lover: Not particularly. Would prefer to be an only cat but will get used to living with a cat that leaves him alone. Can be rehomed with Rocky as they came in to rescue together.

Dog Lover: Untested but I expect him to dislike dogs and be confrontational. Will need a home without dogs.

Socialised with children: Yes but would prefer a home without children as he needs his space to be respected and gets easily annoyed 😂

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor. Is used to spending a lot of time outside and is keen to be going out to explore.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes to chill out and be left alone. Likes to come for strokes and lap time on his own terms. Doesn’t like being bossed 😂 Likes to be in charge.

History: Surrendered by previous owner as the baby was severely allergic 😢

Health issues: Had a lump removed from lower lip (? Caused by an allergy). No other known health issues.

Character: Rambo is a fairly quiet and content boy when left alone. He likes to chill out on the window sill watching the world go by. He likes fuss and attention when he feels like it. Doesn’t like being made to do anything he doesn’t want to do and let’s you know with a hiss. Shown no signs of active aggression. He is just a bit grumpy 😂

Adoption fee: £80