My name is Renesmee aka Remy and I need my new home

Gender: Female

DOB: Jan 2024

Colour: Mainly white with a tabby tail.

History: Came in with siblings from being born outside.

Needs: Patient and an understanding owner as she currently does not want to be handled and won’t sit with you. However will sit in same room, happy to play with you and will come to you for treats especially chicken. Occasionally she will allow you to stroke her and has a lovely purr but will suddenly run off if you move too close.

Character: Not fully trusting of humans yet. But seems gentle in nature. She’s just a little nervous still but this is improving. She’s a playful kitten and loves her toys. She has the promise to make a lovely cat once she’s trust humans.

Can I live with other cats? Yes

Can I live with other dogs? Untested

Can I live with children? No

Can I live indoor completely? Or do I need access to outdoors? Outdoor access when fully settled

Minimum adoption donation £140