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Special Needs Cats

Here at Heronbank Cat Rescue we have a variety of cats with complex needs which therefore need very special homes.  Please keep reading to see how you can help.


Would you consider sponsoring one of or special needs cats? These are cats who have injuries or illnesses which mean they need to spend a long time in the rescue. All of these cats are a significant drain on our resources but we believe they are just as entitled to love and care as every other cat. Some may need expensive operations, others are on long term medication, some have to have special diets. Please read our cat’s stories and consider sponsoring one of them. Sponsorship can be done on a monthly standing order or by donating a larger lump sum. This money will go directly into our Special Needs cat fund and will contribute directly to helping the cat of your choice.

Sponsors will also receive a certificate of sponsorship with the story of their chosen cat. 

Please pay via PayPal on Heronbankrescue@kittymail.com using the family and friends option and quoting sponsorship and the cats name, or Contact us for the Rescue’s bank details. We are grateful for sponsorship of our cats and kittens. Sponsors will receive updates regularly.

Current Special Needs Cats

Ollie is reserved

My name is Ollie and I need my new home 🏡🙏🐾

Gender: Male

DOB: Approx 5

Colour: Black and white

History: Rescued as a stray

Needs: Prefers own space, needs patience and to build trust Be able to go out

Character: He can be a nervous cat and possibly has not been used to people for a while. He is improving and is a more affectionate every day. He prefers to be independent. Though quiet, He is very well behaved and litter trained

Can I live with other cats? Yes

Can I live with other dogs? No

Can I live with children? 16+

Suitable for indoor only? No

Adoption fee £80🐾❤️

All of our cats and kittens are triple vaccinated, neutered (or included in the adoption fee for a future appointment) microchipped, flea and worm up to date and come with 5 weeks free insurance.https://www.heronbankrescue.co.uk/onli…/pre-adoption-form/

Up and coming

For the most up to date information of cats and kittens that are coming up for adoption soon please visit our Facebook page “friends of heronbank cat rescue” or follow the link below:

If you are interested in helping Heronbank Cat Rescue to look after these cats and kittens then please consider donating using the PayPal donate button.

Further Information

We do make every effort to keep the available cats and kittens up to date, however due to adoption and other circumstances they may no longer be available but we do have other kittens and cats awaiting their advertisement who may not be ready yet due to young age (under 12 weeks) or for vet treatment. Please ask on application if you do not see a cat you like we may have your perfect match at a fosters but not yet advertised!