Available Cats & Kittens

Here at Heronbank Rescue we have a variety of cats and kittens in our care who need new homes. Whether you are looking for an indoor cat, dog friendly, used to small children, the more information you can give us the better match we can make. 

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Home check and adoption donation apply

Please feel free to look through all of our cats. We’ve separated them into galleries by age, to make it easier for you. See for yourself how hard Heronbank works to find forever homes for our furry family!


Golden Oldies  10 Years plus

Golden Oldies come with the following:

Vet checked and treated for any outstanding conditions
Wormed up to date
Flea treated up to date
All adoptions are subject to a completed homecheck.

we dont have any older cats in at the moment


All kittens come with the following:
Vet checked
Wormed up to date
Flea treated up to date
Flu & Enteritis vaccinations
Neutering Voucher 



ref 18/031

Hello, my name is USHA and i was born in June 2017 so i am almost a big girl 😁I am very very human friendly but a little nervous of other cats. I would make a great indoor cat as outside is big and scary and I dont really like it. My most favourite thing ever is Dreamies, I could eat them all day long 😄
My adoption fee is £100 and I will be
*Fully flea and worm treated up to date
* Fully vaccinated
If you have space (and dreamies!) in your life please consider me x



ref number
We are PINKY (female) and PERKY (Male) and we are around 9-10 weeks old. We came into rescue when a lady who had taken us in as an emergency after finding we’d spent our entire short lives locked in a tiny room asked for help. We were very shy but with the help of our lovely foster mummy we are slowly coming out of our shell and love to dash around the room like loonies to play 😁 We would like a home together if possible, please speak to the ladies at the rescue about a discount for adopting multiples.
Our adoption fee is £100 each and we will be
* Neutered
* Fully flea treated up to date
* Fully worm and parasite treated up to date
* We will have our first full set of vaccinations

Hope to hear from you soon! 

Hello, we are QUARRY and QUARMBY and we are 8 month old twins. I’m Quarry and I have a stripe on my nose while my sister Quarmby has a black nose. We are pretty little girls who came into foster when we were found living in a car park. We were very frightened when we were first found but with time and the patience of our lovely foster mummy we are much much better now and have learned how to play,and that people aren’t that bad really 😁 my sister is a little more shy than me but she’s learning. We need to find a home together as we are very close but we don’t like being picked up , though we do like attention so young children are probably not a good idea. We live with other cats.
Our adoption fee is £100 each but please speak to the lovely ladies at Heronbank about a discount for adopting multiples.
We are
* Neutered
* Fully worm, flea and parasite treated up to date
* We’ve had out first set of vaccinations

Adult Cats 12 months old +

Thank All adults come with the following:

Vet checked and treated for any outstanding problems

Wormed up to date
Flea treated up to date
All adoptions are subject to a completed home-check and a minimum donation of £50


We are WARWICK and WINTER aged around 3 years old and here is what our foster mummy says about us 😁❤️
Warwick: a gorgeous black and white neutered male. He is super friendly. Happy to sit on you for a snuggle, in fact, will climb all over you for a fuss! Enjoys to play. He is happy being picked up. A confident boy, very tolerant of my dog.
Has lived with male and female cats before. He gets on well with Winter on his on terms, does tell him off if he bothers him too much but is ultimately very tolerant and happy to sit with him.
This boy will not disappoint. He’s wonderful!
Winter: a stunning ginger and white neutered male. This boy is a little nervous. He is still finding his feet and we are still learning about each other. He is very friendly and also enjoys a fuss, though prefers to sit next to you to be stroked than sit on your lap. He will allow you to pick him up but isn’t overly comfortable with it. He becomes incredibly anxious at loud noises and will run and hide. It takes him a while to calm down and venture back out. My dog barking is what tends to unsettle him, although, when she is quiet, he has braved coming to say hello and has allowed her to get quite close. He relies very much on Warwick for reassurance where as Warwick is much more independent and sometimes will tell Winter off for being too ‘in his face’. Winter is slowly becoming braver but think he would do better in a quieter home with no young children. He would do well with the company of a tolerant and friendly cat. He will be such a friendly boy once he is in a home where he can truly settle.
These boys could be rehomed together or separately.
She can describe us much better than we can 😍
Our adoption fee is £50 each but please speak to the ladies about discounts for multiples
We are
* Neutered
* Fully worm, flea and parasite treated up to date

Get ready ladies and gentlemen because a true black panther is in town! My name is PUMPKIN I am around 2-3 years old and I am a beautiful boy around a year old. I was previously adopted through Heronbank as a tiny baby but my family didnt look after me and I became neglected, so Heronbank stepped right in and rescued me again. It’s true what they say about black cats being lucky because that’s twice for me now!
I am a snuggly purry boy who loves people and other cats. My foster mummy says I have the loudest purr ❤
If you think you can give me a forever home that means forever please contact the lovely ladies here x
My adoption fee is £50 and I am
* Neutered
* Fully worm, parasite and flea treated up to date
* Fully vaccinated

Ref number 17/019
My name is Keven
I am a black and white male.
DOB 18th March 2017 and I have been neutered and vaccinated

This is my story. Brought into rescue along with my six siblings after being abandoned. We came to stay with our foster mum and have been here nearly four months. Some of my siblings have found their forever homes but I am still waiting for mine. I would love nothing more than my own home. I can live with other cats and also I currently live with two dogs i would like to be rehomed with my brother Kerrang if possible we have a great bond together or another playmate im not too keen on been on my own im a very cheeky chap and won’t think twice about bopping you on the head when I’m high up on the scratch post.
I haven’t been around children but I’m sure I could get use to them.

My adoption fee is £50


Kerrang ref number 17/021

My date of birth is
18th March 2017

I was found in a box with my siblings all cold and alone until some kind people contacted Heronbank.i am a very laid back cat who loves strokes and attention.
My foster mummy keeps calling me a big boy.
I’m use to dogs and other cat but I’ve not met many children

If you think you could give Kerrang a loving home fill in a pre adopt form on our website.
My adoption fee is £50

Beth ref 17/002
Bunty ref 17/003

Hi my name is Beth and my twin sister is Bunty we would really like to be rehome together but if we have to go our separate ways then that’s fine we will manage.
A bit about us me,my sister and mum were living in a skip for around 3weeks well that’s when we got noticed because of bounty my mum told her not to stay out while she went out shopping but she didn’t listen,
Me and my sister were around 6 months old but we’re getting bigger now we’re approximately 9 months,We have been vaccinated,neutered and had flea and worm treatment.
We would prefer to be indoor cats but could slowly be introduced to be in/out door but Beth is a little nervous,me I’m not and I love snuggles but the right new mummy and daddy could help her?
We haven’t been around dog or children

Our adoption fee is £100 for both of us



Calem ref number 18/007

Hi I’m a newbie in rescue I was found wondering outside in a lovely ladies garden and she never found my home so here I am,I’m a black and white neutered male,I’m appro 9-12 months.
I’ve been vaccinated, flea and wormed.
As you can see from my photo I’m a cheeky chap while I’ve been in rescue I haven’t met any dogs or other cats

my adoption fee is £50




Ref number 18/005

Hi my name is bubbles,I am around 2 years old and my foster mummy took me to be neutered so I can’t have any babies,I was found outside without my mummy and we never found her,I am very friendly with humans and other cats,I haven’t met any dogs while I have been in foster care with my foster mummy so I’m not sure if I am dog friendly.

my adoption fee is £50



Hayley’s ref number 17/012
Holly ref number 17/013
hi we are mother and daughter we were left outside with our brother, who he luckily got a loving home so its just the 2 of us
we would like to be rehomed together as we hate been apart, we are both black and white
Hayley is 9/10 month and very shy and has been vaccinated and neutered
holly is the mummy she has been neutered and around 2 years old

our adoption fee is £80 for both of us


Young Cats – 16 weeks – 12 months

All youngsters come with the following:
Vet checked
Wormed up to date
Flea treated up to date
Flu & Enteritis vaccinations
Neutering Voucher if not already neutered.
All adoptions are subject to a completed home check and a minimum donation of £100  




ref 18/018
My name is KIDOSHO and I am a pretty little lady who was born on 22/11/17. I came into rescue when my owner could no longer look after me. I am inquisitive, playful and loving, with an amazing purr! I like other cats and people, and I’ve lived with 3 big dogs before but haven’t met children yet. My foster mummy is lovely but I need a home of my own, do you think that could be you?
My adoption fee is £100 and I will be
* Neutered
* Fully worm treated up to date
* Fully flea and parasite treated up to date
* I’ll have my first set of vaccinations 



Ref number 18/003
Hi my name is Kiki
My foster mummy said I am the most beautiful and purr fur baby with a playful side. Oww I do love laser lights and feathers, I also Like to climb and be up high. I am fully vaccinated and litter trained. I love little people but not too little I see them as play friends and get a little rough but I will probably grow out of that.
I do like a snuggle at bedtime and love to sit on your lap. I’ve not been outside yet and, I was born mid August 2017.
my adoption fee is £100




Further Information

  • We do make every effort to keep the available cats and kittens up to date, however due to adoption and other circumstances they may no longer be available.
  • We do have other kittens and cats awaiting their advertisement who may not be ready yet due to young age (under 12 weeks) or for vet treatment. Please ask on application if you do not see a cat you like we may have your perfect match at a fosters but not yet advertised!
At Heronbank we get contacted to assist and help in the re-homing of cats, ones that we haven’t room for to take into rescue, but we are still willing to try and help secure a home if we can.

The procedure is much the same for the cats we do have in rescue.

Look at the bottom of our Home2Home page for these cats