Our Available Cats and Kittens

Here at Heronbank Rescue we have a variety of cats and kittens in our care who need new homes. Whether you are looking for an indoor cat, dog friendly, used to small children, the more information you can give us the better match we can make.

Fill in our Pre Adoption Form to start your adoption story.


  • All adoptions are subject to a successful home check. 
  • We are based in Huddersfield and as a result we can only rehome within Yorkshire.  
  • Once you have submitted your form you will be contacted by a member of our team for the £10 home check fee.  This must be payed before your form is processed.  The £10 fee will then be deducted from the adoption fee if your home check passes, or refunded if your home check fails.  It will not be refunded if you pass your home check but decide not to adopt.  
  • Adoption fees must be payed in full before collection of your chosen cat/kitten. 
  • If we are unable to process your form further you will be contacted by text.  This is usually the case if you are not within our rehoming area or live on a busy road.  

All our cats and kittens come with the following:

Home Check

Vet checked

Flea treated up to date

Wormed up to date

Flu, Enteris & Leukaemia Vaccinations

Neutered or a Neutering Voucher

Adult Cats and Golden Oldies (1 year old +)

Upsy Daisy

My name is Upsy Daisy and I need a home 🏡 🙏 🐾


DOB: 1 year old

Colour: Black and white

Neutered: Yes

Triple Vaccinated: Yes

Chipped: Yes

Flea and worming: Yes

Cat Lover: Yes

Dog Lover: Untested

Socialised with children: Yes

Indoor/Outdoor: Either

Likes/Dislikes: Tummy strokes, cuddles,

History: Her owner was no longer able to keep her due to personal reasons

Health issues: allergic to whiskars cat food

Character: friendly, loves cuddles, mischievous and loves exploring

Adoption fee £80


My name is Kittie and I need a home 🏡 🙏 🐾

Gender: Female

DOB: 15/10/10

Colour: white / calico

Neutered: Yes

Triple Vaccinated: Yes

Chipped: Yes

Flea and worming: Up to date

Cat Lover: after a period of introduction

Dog Lover: wouldn’t have thought so

Socialised with children: Yes

Indoor/Outdoor: either but has primarily been an indoor only cat

Likes/Dislikes: loves strokes, affection and cat milk

History: Abandoned by owner and taken in as a stray

Health issues: slight discharge from eyes but does not need any treatment

Character: friendly and affectionate cat. Quite vocal. Loves attention

Adoption fee: £80


My name is Pinky and I need a home 🏡 🙏 🐾

Pet Name: Pinky

Gender: female

DOB: January 2018

Colour: black and white

Neutered: yes

Triple Vaccinated: yes

Chipped: will be before adoption 👏🏼

Flea and worming: yes

Cat Lover: no

Dog Lover: no

Socialised with children: would prefer a child free home or one with older children

Indoor/Outdoor: both

Likes/Dislikes: loves cuddles and sitting on her humans knee for pampering

History: Pinky came into recuse at about 3 months old. She had been locked in a room with her brother for her short life and was consequently very shy and a little hissy. After a while in rescue she started to come out of her shell and even bagged herself a forever home, however she had trouble settling into her home. After a year of struggling her owners made the heartbreaking decision to return her to the rescue in order to find a calmer home where she would be happier.

Health issues: none

Needs: calm environment

Character: pinky is lovely to her humans but is not a fan of other animals. She likes to cuddle on a night and play with her toys. She’s a working cat so she requires a house where there is a lap to warm 😹.

Adoption fee: £80

Young Cats (16 weeks to 12 months old)

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Kittens - 10 weeks to 16 weeks old

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Further Information

We do make every effort to keep the available cats and kittens up to date, however due to adoption and other circumstances they may no longer be available but we do have other kittens and cats awaiting their advertisement who may not be ready yet due to young age (under 12 weeks) or for vet treatment. Please ask on application if you do not see a cat you like we may have your perfect match at a fosters but not yet advertised!