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Some interesting facts for you:

A pregnant cat and her offspring, over a 5 year period
can produce 25,000 (unwanted) kittens!

A female kitten can be pregnant at 4-5 months old

Males can inseminate females from 4 months old

A mother cat can be pregnant whilst feeding her kittens.

So please do the responsible thing and have your cat neutered!

Tabby's kittens

Here at Heronbank Cat Rescue we see the impact of cats not being neutered everyday, so we feel very strongly that we all need to do the responsible thing and neuter our cats.

Cats can also be neutered from as young as 4 months.  However, not all vets will neuter this young, but by six months old they can produce a litter of their own.  Speak to us if your vet refuses to do this as we know vets who will! 

Any cats leaving Heronbank over 4 months old are neutered, younger cats go with a prepaid voucher for neutering, valid at Donaldson Vets.


Many people think that cats can “fend for themselves” whilst they are on holiday, or when they move house, or when the economic climate makes things a little tight.

It is true that cats are more independent than dogs, but if left on the streets they will either become feral, or starve to death, often producing litter after litter of kittens and fighting amongst themselves.

All of the current cats and kittens needing new homes are on our Cats and Kittens Page.

We also trap and neuter feral and semi feral cats in our locality – see our Ferals page.